Start your power-packed day with MAGNOLIA Multigrains milk

Get the wholesomeness of wheat, barley, flaxseed, oat, and quinoa

Wake up and start your power-packed day with a delightfully nutritious breakfast with the brand-new MAGNOLIA Plus Low Fat Hi Cal Milk with Multigrains by F&N. Made with fresh milk and a unique blend of supergrains (wheat, barley, flaxseed, oat and quinoa), this invigoratingly nutritious and delicious beverage contains a host of other nutrients for those in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

A host of benefits are known to be derived from the wholesome and delicious blend of supergrains – fibre being the most outstanding benefit derived from such grains. According to HealthHub, fibre is important for a healthy diet and provides a slew of benefits such as contributing towards regular bowel movements, weight management, control of blood sugar levels, lowering of cholesterol levels which may lead to a lower risk of heart diseases. Dietary fibre may also help you maintain a healthier weight as the bulk from fibre keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time and prevents overeating.

MAGNOLIA Plus Low Fat Hi Cal Milk with Multigrains is accompanied with the goodness of prebiotics called inulin which is imperative for your digestive health. Studies on inulin and its benefits in humans have also shown that it is crucial in promoting the growth of good bacteria to maintain a healthy digestive system.

While inulin, like other dietary fibres, has been shown to promote regularity, researchers have also postulated that inulin and other fibres have potential health benefits that include improving and maintaining colon health as a prebiotic, lowering cholesterol and glucose levels, increasing the absorption of minerals, particularly calcium, and improving your immune system.

MAGNOLIA Plus Low Fat Hi Cal Milk with Multigrains contains 9.3g of dietary fibre per cup which is equivalent to the fibre of 4 wholemeal bread slices. It is served with lower sugar and lower saturated fat, and carries the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) accorded by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). It also contains vitamin D3 which assists the body in the absorption of calcium for building and keeping strong bones.