Omega-3 Milk Chocolate Pudding Pops

Indulge yourself with our awesome milk chocolate pudding!

Omega-3 Milk Chocolate Pudding Pops

Serving/s: 6

Omega 3 Chocolate Milk2 1/2 cups (550ml)
Unsweetened cocoa100g
Cornstarch1 tablespoon
SaltA dash
Egg yolk1 piece
Vanilla extract1 teaspoon
Chopped Chocolate55g



1. Combine Omega-3 Chocolate milk, sugar,cocoa,cornstarch,salt and egg yolk in a medium saucepan with wire whisk.

2. Stir constantly for 8 minutes or till mixture is thick and bubbly

3. Remove saucepan from heat and transfer pudding into medium-sized bowl

4. Place bowl over ice-filled bowl,cover surface of pudding with cling wrap and allow to cool completely

5. Scoop equal amounts of pudding into ice-pop molds and insert craft sticks into mold

6. Freeze for 4 hours or till thoroughly frozen


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