Cookies and Milk Cubes

Add a burst of flavour to your milk with our delicious cookies and milk cubes recipe. All it takes are 4 simple steps!


Cookies and Milk Cubes

Serving/s: 1


Cookiesx 2
Ice- cube trayx 16 ice cubes
Teaspoonx 1
Milk (for ice cube tray)x 1 cup
Milk (for consumption)x 1 cup



1. Place cookies in a zip-lock bag and gently crush into small crumbs with bottom of palm

2. Fill ¾ of each ice-cube mould with milk using a teaspoon

3. Throw cookie crumbs into milk in ice-cube tray and freeze overnight

4. Add frozen cubes to a glass of milk for a new and improved, glass of milk


The above recipe is directional. Actual results might vary slightly.

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