Delicious Blueberry Milk Popsicles

Everybody loves a delicious and refreshing popsicle!  This super easy recipe is packed with antioxidants and has no added sugar. This would be the perfect treat on a hot, sunny afternoon!


fork-icon4 medium-sized popsicles         clock-icon Preparation time:  5mins


Fresh blueberriesx 1 cup
Frozen bananax 1
Fresh milkx 1 cup
Honeyx 2 teaspoons



  1. Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Divide mixture among 4 medium-sized plastic molds. Freeze for 10 minutes and insert popsicle stick into the centre of each popsicle. Freeze for at least another 4-5hours.
  3. Run each mold under warm water. Gently pull each popsicle from mold.

The above recipe is directional. Actual results might vary slightly.

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